Bookstock Village 2017

Bookstock Village 2017

Bookstock Village 2017: Great Writers, Laboratories, Exhibitions, and Future Classrooms at the Fair for Young Readers of All Ages.

Five thousand square metres specifically dedicated to a public made up of children, adolescents, schools, and families, but still ready to welcome all visitors who are simply curious.

This is Bookstock Village, the area of the 30th International Book Fair of Turin thought up for the young and for those who deal with them daily. Set up thanks to the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, it proposes 120 hours of events in the spaces meant for the meetings of Pavillion 5 at Lingotto Fiere – Arena, Spazio Book and Spazio Stock – and 180 hours of laboratory activity divided between eight rooms and with four subjects: Science and Technology, Digital, Images, and Words.

The schedule is rich in great international authors and famous illustrators from every corner of the world – from Korea, to the U.S.A., to South America – and also includes a long series of shows, meetings, digital, art and illustration laboratories, and workshops on comics.

Here are some of the guests of Bookstock Village 2017. Prix Goncourt 2015 Mathias Énard will talk to students about Mediterranean cultures in the past and present, an exciting journey between Europe and the Middle East. Brian Turner will recount his experience as a soldier in Bosnia and Iraq, and what remains of a war when it ends. In 2012, the Argentinian writer Marìa Teresa Andruetto won the Andersen Award: the most prestigious international award for authors of children’s and young adult literature basically “the children’s Nobel Prize.” Robert Domes brings to the Fair a story of eugenics that takes place in Nazi Germany, which was recently made into a movie. Among the guests are some of the most famous illustrators in the world, like the American Aaron Becker or Suzy Lee (South Korea), the prestigious author of silent books. And how about spending a spare hour with Andrea Marcolongo, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Giuseppe Antonelli, Alessandro Barbero, and Marco Mavaldi?

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