2017 InTreCCCi call for initiatives supporting home care

InTreCCCi 2017

“InTreCCCi – Casa Cura Comunità” 2017: the call to promote home care support is online.

The 2017 InTreCCCi  Call sets out to support initiatives encouraging home care for elderly and disabled people in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta

The new edition of the call aims to support home care by focusing on specific values, such as a "community welfare” perspective, a person centred approach, and the integration of interventions. In continuity from last year, the concept of home care is focused on the quality of life, which is also defined by the quality of relationships and social housing, considered central to the person with care needs, caregivers, family and informal support networks.

There are two distinct areas of intervention:

a. Innovative ways to respond to the needs of care and assistance of people whose home care is at risk;

b. Initiatives to identify and monitor fragile people, especially elderly people who live alone.

The call is an important opportunity to ensure that the organisations promoting project proposals get specific training, assistance and monitoring for better design of proposed interventions and more effective development and outcome.

For the first phase of "Call for Ideas", proposer organisations are required to submit their project idea by filling in the attached form.

For the presentation of ideas you must:

1. Download the form from the website

2. Fill out all parts of the form and send it (both in PDF version and word text) to the address: intrecci@compagniadisanpaolo.it no later than 31st May 2017

By 30th June 2017 there will be a first selection of ideas deemed to be congruent and consistent with that required by the call on the basis of documentation produced.

The organisations promoting the project proposals that pass this initial selection will be contacted via e-mail to access the second phase of the call.

Proposals not subject to specific communication by Compagnia are thus excluded.

Info and help at intrecci@compagniadisanpaolo.it