“L’Approdo inaspettato”. Antonio Vivaldi's Turin manuscripts

L’Approdo inaspettato

The exhibition organised by the Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria (National University Library) of Turin presents the composer’s original manuscripts.

The National University Library of Turin is taking an active part in the Antonio Vivaldi Festival withthe exhibition “L’approdo inaspettato”. Antonio Vivaldi's Turin Manuscripts. The Festival takes place in Turin in April 2017. On the occasion Turin’s Teatro Regio is staging The Coronation of Darius, whose original manuscript is preserved in the Renzo Giordano Collection.

The National University Library of Turin holds a corpus of music of great historical importance, including a large number of manuscripts by Antonio Vivaldi. The collection is distributed over various funds, each with its own personality and characteristics.

Among the Institute’s musical heritage a leading place is held by the Mauro Foà Collection (made up of 87 manuscripts and 66 print works) and the Renzo Giordano Collection (including 167 manuscripts and 145 print works), famous among musicologists the world over.

The exhibition inaugurates on 5th April at 5.30 pm. Walter Barberis of theGeneral Council takes part on behalf of Compagnia di San Paolo.