View Conference and View Fest 2017

View Conference and View Fest 2017

From October 20 to 27, Turin becomes the world's digital capital.

From October 20 to 27, Torino hosts VIEW Conference, the most important Italian digital event, in its eighteenth edition this year. A unique event of its kind where the protagonists are the biggest names in the world of animation, special effects, virtual reality, digital design and video games.

Eight days of meetings, workshops, screenings, conferences, previews, dedicated to insiders, directors and startups, and of course to many enthusiasts coming from all over the world.

Coming to Turin are the biggest names in entertainment related digital graphics: a host of films, directors, animation directors, special effects supervisors, 5 Oscar awards and many Grammy Awards.

At the same time as the conference from 20 to 22 October Cinema Massimo in Turin hosts VIEW Fest. Three days to watch major recent movies, not just blockbusters but independent productions too, introduced and described firsthand by their creators. An appointment dedicated to schools and filmlovers, a unique opportunity to meet and get to know all the great names of world of cinema.

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