Art, Cultural Activities and Heritage

Art, Cultural Activities and Heritage

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Art, Cultural Activities and Heritage

Compagnia considers cultural heritage to be the backbone of every territory’s wealth, an essential element that can give rise to development policies capable of positively affecting the communities’ quality of life.

Recognising its essential identity-making function and relational value, the cultural heritage is seen as a supply of tangible and intangible resources that can improve the present and help build the future, a memory and knowledge bank acting as generator of meaning, contents and stimuli.



Restoration works is presented on 16th March at 3pm at Museo Diocesano, Genoa (via Tommaso Reggio, 20).


The retrospective on Sinibaldo Scorza, a leader in 17th century Genoese painting, opens on 9th February at Palazzo della Meridiana (Salita San Francesco, 4 –corner of Via Garibaldi, Genoa).



Art, Activities and Cultural Heritage

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