Philanthropy and Territory

Philanthropy and Territory

The Operational Department

Philanthropy and Territory

The Philanthropy and Territory Department promotes all actions developed by a civil, organised society - families and individuals - aiming to improve life in local communities by mobilizing economic,  cognitive, technical,  inventive and human resources. In this regard, an important part is played by practices based on sharing, co-responsibility, creativity and donating, known as social innovation, and the environments in which these practices develop.



L'IID - Istituto Italiano Donazioni invites all Italian Nonprofit organisations to take part in DonoDay 2017, signing up for the "2nd Tour of  Italy that Donates ".


OIS - OPEN INNOVATION SUMMIT, Cities as engines of innovation and inclusive growth is in Turin at Open Incet (via Francesco Cigna 96/17) from 5th to 7th April.



Philanthropy and Territory

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