From the start of 2014 three Compagnia di San Paolo Programmes - Polo del ‘900, Zerosei and Torino e le Alpi  (Polo del ‘900, Early Childhood and Torino and the Alps) -  have got underway, integrating current foundation activities with an across- the- board logic, which had previously been traditionally divided into five Institutional areas: economic and juridical research, scientific research and health, social policies, historical and artistic heritage and cultural activities.

The programme themes are: the care of 0-6 year-olds socially, economically and culturally, especially those in least favourable circumstances in the Programma Zerosei (Early Childhood Programme); the strengthening of links between city and mountains from a renewed standpoint regarding the economy of mountainous areas in Torino and the Alps; the revival of Juvarra’s Quartieri Militari (Military Headquarters) for the Polo del ‘900 (20th Century Hub) programme, with an architectural and cultural project carried out in conjunction with the City of Torino, which, with the adoption of a groundbreaking new management model, aims to set up a cultural centre to develop the activities of different  actors dedicated to studying our recent past.

The Programmes are part of the Compagnia’s new way of operating; spanning three years (2014-2016), they have a mid-term approach aimed at favouring the continuity of actions and consolidation of previous results.

As well as grant making , (grants to nonprofit institutions operating in their respective fields), the Programmes act through direct interventions on the territory, playing an active role in planning and carrying out initiatives and promotions of network synergies between the different actors of the area.

The Programmes are carried out according to an across- the-board framework: three groups of Compagnia di San Paolo operators working in the traditional Institutional areas led by a project leader conduct the three programmes in a coordinated and united way. Each contributes their competence and experience so that every Programme reaches its goal following program management methods.

All the Compagnia di San Paolo’s Programmes, specifically regulated and defined in the Regulations governing Institutional Activities of the Foundation, are hotbeds of process innovation in the constant pledge for growth in the territory.