The Programme


The Compagnia di San Paolo launches Torino and the Alps, the programme that will strengthen and enhance the  bond between the city and its Alps

For some years the Compagnia di San Paolo has been carefully following the initiatives helping the bond between people living in the city and those in the mountain. The aim is to strengthen the sense of belonging to the same historical and cultural reality though the exchange of ideas and experiences between the two environments and above all to target better economical and social opportunities. Over the years, the Compagnia’s acceptance of projects regarding city/mountain relationship has led the foundation to think about playing a more proactive role: rationalising resources, making the gathering of competence and knowledge of these themes more systematic and encouraging the application and widespread use of models of innovative development.

This initiative has resulted in a proper interdisciplinary programme applied to the mountains of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria in order to identify solid interventions and goals.  An ad hoc call for proposals aims to collect research and feasibility studies on innovative operating models, good management and  urban development planning practices, experiences related to community revitalization and economic, social and cultural development in the Alpine range. The research projects taking part in the call must come up with solutions which promote economic revival and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Alpine range, especially the young and the elderly.

The programme also intends to support local bodies and institutions to help access European funds useful for economic and rural growth of the Alpine areas. Indeed, in a moment of progressive reduction of public resources, European fund sources - for the Alpine and rural world in particular the European project LEADER (Liaison entre Actions de Développement de l'Economie Rurale)- are the most interesting and coveted. Acting to strengthen local competences and increase the attractiveness of our alpine land is the Compagnia’s number one priority in this area.

Torino and the Alps  assigns a central role to cultural activities, particularly the young people target, betting on the creative potential of the Alpine area and on its ability to be fully contemporary, in its two-fold profile as inspiring context (looking at the mountain) and as a place of cultural production (looking from the mountain), also in view of EXPO2015 where the territories’ resources will play an essential role.

In order to build up the information and sensibility between the actors dealing with the mountain, significant commitment to communication is planned, especially on the web, which will give voice to subjects, ideas and information on three ways to bond with the mountain: living, getting to know it and establishing an open and continuous dialogue with it.

Torino and the Alps is the object of monitoring and evaluation by experts and referees external to the territories of reference; this will regard attainment of goals and use of economic resources, as well as aiming to collect useful indications for future years planning.