Community philanthropy


Compagnia means to mobilise “widespread or community social generosity” for solid and responsible institutional initiatives such as founding communities or other locally active third sector organisations, or social fundraising campaigns. As far as regards community foundations the Department’s intention is to introduce ad hoc Guidelines and budget pertaining to them so as to control and harmonise applications for contributions for 2019.

In 2019 Compagnia aims to:

• Confirm support for community foundations already sustained by Compagnia using the Guidelines as an instrument, providing the foundations can prove they have the prerequisistes,

• Assist workable new projects generated from the ground up;

• Help cope with the consequences of the third sector reform, including via assistance and/or training activities;

• Boost additional raising (crowdfunding) techniques;

• Check out “network actions” (above all in training and experience sharing) for existing foundations or projects put forward.