Renewal of participated research and innovation bodies


The participated research and innovation bodies (LINKS, IIGM, Carlo Alberto, and the organisation resulting from the Boella-SiTI merger)will finish redesigning  their missions and the organisational and operational reconfiguration processes that will follow.

Open to collaborations, these institutions must seek increasing autonomy in funding to avoid situations of dependency. Compagnia's support highlights the connection between research and application and transfer phases, linking funding instruments with potential financial investments.

LINKS will focus on the processes of innovation, creation and attraction of companies based on the economic exploitation of research and Intellectual Property.  IIGM (an evolution of HuGeF) will be active in the field of genomic studies related to translational, personalised and regenerative medicine. Fondazione Collegio Carlo Alberto , aimed at economic disciplines and social and legal sciences, will strengthen its role in integrated and transdisciplinary projects, also relevant for multi-level policy-making.  SiTI and Boella will complete the integration process that was launched in 2017, creating a single organisation aimed at applied research and technology transfer.