The goal is to work for the quality and integration of the research and innovation system  in the Northwest (Piedmont and Liguria). As is Compagnia practice in this field, the actions are clearly structured in 2018 too, and are mainly based on the research  bodies in which the Compagnia has a stake and on the agreements with universities.

Compagnia’s policy is committed to coordinated efforts towards the excellence of the local scientific institutions and supporting the improvement of the system’s average quality. The preparation of the 9th European Framework Programme is already well under way and setting ambitious challenges. It is therefore essential that the Northwest research system come to this meeting well prepared and competitive.

Much attention is paid to the ability to attract European funding and, in general, competitive funds for research and innovation, stimulating the ability of universities and centres to compete and attract on an international scale, including through new operational and financial instruments.

Another call for projects coming from the research bodies of Genoa is scheduled; Agreements with the Universities will be managed, monitored and redefined