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Casa Ravera

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 43 Bene Vagienna

Casa Ravera, owned by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities since 2003, occupies a central position in relation to the area of Bene Vagienna and represents a point of reference in the socio-cultural context in the municipality of Bene. The property, built by the Borra family, was constructed in two phases: the first in the fifteenth century and the second in the seventeenth. The restoration of the medieval part of the house, which took place between 1916 and 1931 for the exterior and between the fifties and sixties for the interior, was made possible thanks to General Francesco Ravera (1889-1968) with the help of his uncle, Prof. Giovanni Vacchetta (1863-1940), a personal friend of Alfredo D'Andrade, who advised him to restore the complex. Casa Ravera is a notable example of a stately home in which there are two medieval façades and an attractive courtyard with façades from 1600.

The restoration, which involved the building in its entirety, and which was intended to make it fully accessible and conferring specific museum functions to it, was added in 2006 among the initiatives of reference of the Protocol of Agreement that allowed the Compagnia di San Paolo to join since 2002 the Framework Agreement for Cultural Heritage  signed by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Regione Piemonte.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has supported the complex since 2007 with a contribution of € 600,000.

Intervention Area: Ricerca e sanità


600.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo