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Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Piazza di Santo Stefano, Genova

With regard to participating in the recovery of the religious heritage of the old town of Genova, the Compagnia di San Paolo has chosen to support the restoration projects whose implementation will become essential elements within the extensive programs of urban regeneration. The Compagnia di San Paolo has initiated a policy aimed at consolidating the attractiveness in touristic and cultural terms of  the old town, providing for the restoration and enhancement of the finest religious buildings alongside the contributions aimed at the recovery of the Poli Museali. The individual interventions are therefore to be read as part of a a greater desire to contribute to the establishment of an urban cultural network with a lively exchange among the museums, the architecture, the artistic heritage and exhibition and enhancement events. The Santa Maria di Castello complex is easily accessible from the area’s Porto Antico; San Lorenzo, il Gesù, San Siro and Santa Maria delle Vigne, located in the vicinity of Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Ducale, are fundamental elements of the routes that twist and turn around Strada Nuova. The churches of the Carmine and San Carlo, of extraordinary historical and artistic value, complete a tour which has Palazzo Reale at its center. In addition, thanks to the implementation of the worksites, discoveries have been made that can be included in the most important chapters of art-historical research in recent years, such as the discovery of the frescoes by Manfredino da Pistoia (a pupil of Cimabue) in 1292 in the apse of the Carmine church. Finally, the Compagnia di San Paolo has also supported the set-up of the stunning Museo Diocesano, where one of the most interesting collections of art of the city is preserved.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has participated in the set-up of the Chiesa di Santo Stefano with a contribution of € 30,000.

Intervention Area: Ricerca e sanità


30.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo