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Lanzo Valleys


In 2008, the Historical and Artistic Heritage Department sponsored the Call for Proposals "Valli di Lanzo. Bando per progetti integrati” (”Lanzo Valleys, Integrated Projects Call for Proposals”), in line with the strategic objective of addressing its commitment to the widespread heritage in the area in favour of integrated interventions, aimed at achieving systematic protection, enhancement and management activities and the increased involvement of local communities in initiatives to promote the cultural wealth of their area.

The decision was made to intervene in the Lanzo valleys since it is an area that needs to rethink its identity in economic, social and cultural terms and in which the Compagnia di San Paolo had already supported projects to increase awareness of the area.

The Call for proposals was aimed in particular at promoting the cultural tourist vocation of the Lanzo valleys  through activities to publicise, recover and develop the artistic heritage and landscape, and to be carried out and managed in an integrated way.

The objectives of the tender were:

- To consolidate the presence of dynamic and appealing cultural initiatives in the area open to the enjoyment of the citizens

- To integrate restoration and enhancement activities

- To encourage local communities to take a more active part in promoting the unique features of their environment and become part of a wider network for the management and promotion of their artistic and cultural heritage.

 19 integrated projects participated, for a total of 59 proposed initiatives and 50 institutions involved. 7 projects were allocated funds.

The selection phase of the Call for proposals has highlighted the lack of integration in the area among the parties that proposed initiatives and similar actions. Therefore, in order to pursue the strategic aim of intervening in an integrated way across a broader area more effectively it was decided to initiate a coordination roundtable of the selected projects and to choose the name of "New Perspectives for the Lanzo Valleys" communicating the overall commitment of the Compagnia di San Paolo in the area.

Between 2010 and 2011, 2 census projects of outstanding cultural, historic and scenic value of the Valleys and 2 restoration projects of religious architectural heritage of particular value were added.

In 2012, 6 other initiatives were selected that, through design aspects and geographical areas involved, strengthened previous investment decisions, optimizing the actions already carried out and implementing the Compagnia di San Paolo’s commitment of an integrated and systematic type in favor of the Valleys.

Today the projects realize initiatives to enhance and promote the Lanzo Valleys also through their connection with the neighboring areas, thereby promoting the full and diversified tourist cultural offering of the area from a systemic and district point of view.

  Overall, from 2009 to 2012, regarding the Lanzo Valleys the commitment on behalf of the Compagnia di San Paolo was € 2,775,000 against a total project cost amounting to € 5,380,839, with then co-financing from other parties amounting to € 2,605. 839.

The experience gained in the Lanzo Valleys created:

- The strengthening of the link between the Compagnia di San Paolo and local institutions

- The development of a new system of responsibilities between the actors of the area

- The creation of a virtuous relationship between local experience and expertise and the experience and expertise of the regional capital

- The creation of a sense of belonging to a shared social project of cultural and economic development

- The spreading of models of support for art and culture not intended for specific areas of intervention but as a transversal element of territorial regeneration

- The experience of a method of integrated intervention in favor of the property spread throughout the area

Intervention Area: Ricerca e sanità


2.605.839 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo