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Medici senza frontiere

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Doctors Without Borders/Médecins sans frontières, the world’s largest independent humanitarian organisation for medical care. Created in Paris in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists, today it has 19 different headquarters. The Italian organisation is headquartered in Rome; constituted in 1993, it became a non-profit organisation in 1998. In 2001 it was recognised by the Ministry of Health and in 2002 it was certified as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The mission of MSF is to help populations in crisis situations by caring for the victims of catastrophes and war. It has over 2,000 Italian volunteers and 25,000 international volunteers in 65 countries. In 2007, MSF cared for over ten million people, vaccinated over 2,600,000 people, conducted over 64,000 operations, helped 11,000 women who were victims of sexual violence and delivered almost 100,000 babies.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has supported Doctors Without Borders in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 with contributions of 150,000 Euros, 250,000 Euros and another 250,000 Euros for the “Programme to fight tuberculosis in Guinea”, respectively. In 2007 it contributed 250,000 Euros to the initiative “Rwanda 2006, reproductive health and access to health care in the province of Ruhengeri” and 250,000 Euros for the start-up year of the project “Primary health care and tuberculosis programme - Cherrati, Afder area, Somali Region, Ethiopia”

Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


1.150.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo