Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo

Padiglione MEM del MuMA, Museo del mare

Calata de Mari, 1, 16126 Genova

The MEM, an acronym that refers to the historical memory of emigration began as a section of the Galata Museo del Mare in order to strengthen the social and cultural role of the Istituzione Musei del Mare e della Navigazione, established to enhance not only maritime cultural heritage but also that linked to the interchange between peoples and to promote a reflection on new waves of migration and the need for communities to equip themselves for a civil life based on coexistence. With the MEM  the Galata intends to develop its vocation as being a "museum about man "rather than ships and techniques, able to involve the visitor on an emotional level and transform the museum experience into a personal story that the individual experiences first-hand. Based on scientific research work and the cooperation and sharing with similar international institutions, the real development of emigration is scenically recreated and is experienced in the first person by the visitor.
Since 2005, support for the MEM has resulted in a total commitment of € 740,000.

Intervention Area: Arte, attività e beni culturali


740.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo