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Sacred Mountain of Varallo

Regione Sacro Monte, 14, 13019 Varallo Vercelli

The history and origin of Sacro Monte di Varallo are connected with the first settlement of the Minor Franciscan friars in the 15th century, and more precisely with Father Bernardino Caimi, who wanted to recreate in the Sesia Valley the places that were dear to the first Christians. A complex of buildings, very simple ones, partly dug in the rock, was therefore started to emulate the sacred sites in Palestine. Images were placed inside them, paintings or wooden sculptures, in order to remember the events connected to those places.

The Sacro Monte di Varallo is today a monumental complex consisting of 45 chapels spread along a path on a hill overlooking the town of Varallo.

The Compagnia - with a 500,000 commitment - has supported the restoration of the Nativity Chapel, the Shepherd's Adoration Chapel, and the King's Arrival Chapel in Bethlehem's Complex, presented in October 2010 after completion of the works. The fascination of the spaces and the artistic beauty of the representations by Gaudenzio Ferrari, the greatest artist of the Piedmontese Renaissance, make them the artistic and religious centre of Sacro Monte di Varallo.

Intervention Area: Ricerca e sanità


500.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo