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Strada Nuova

Via Garibaldi, 18, 16124 Genova

The municipal administration of Genova, together with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and the Compagnia di San Paolo, has defined and implemented a program of upgrading and enhancement for the restructuring of the buildings in Genova’s old town, in particular those facing onto Via Garibaldi, as part of the museum district of "Strada Nuova", the cultural, artistic and architectural heart of the city, which was named after Garibaldi in 1882. The "Strada Nuova and its museums" project, through the restoration and enhancement of Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi has permitted their restoration from an architectural point of view, the connections between individual buildings and the preservation, at a cultural level, of the homogeneity of a space that, originally created to enhance the Genoese aristocracy, today recognizes one of the latter’s merits: an outstanding art collection.

In particular, the restoration of the Palazzo Rosso, also called Palazzo Brignole, has involved, among other things, work on the second piano nobile and the third and top floor the building, which hosts one of the most famous seventeenth-century Genoese frescoes made ​​between 1687 and 1692 by major artists such as Domenico and Paolo Gerolamo Piola, Gregorio De Ferrari, Giovanni Andrea Carlone and Bartolomeo Guidobono and is characterized by late eighteenth century decoration and stucco. The Preliminary Study of the restoration project, sponsored by the Municipality and supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo, has been entrusted to the Centro per la Conservazione e il Restauro dei Beni Culturali "La Venaria Reale" (“La Venaria Reale” Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage).

The restoration of "Strada Nuova", sponsored for Genova European Capital of Culture 2004, has allowed the transformation of the area into a street-museum and a cultural and touristic reference in the city. The possibility to visit an open-air museum, with the organization of tourist services, has added value to that of the collections kept in the residences.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has allocated approximately € 11 million to "Strada Nuova", of which more than 8 million is destined for the recovery of the Palazzo Rosso.

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11.000.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo