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Associazione Auser Piemonte: self-managing services and solidarity

Via Salbertrand 57/25 Torino

Auser Volontariato Piemonte is an organisation of volunteers set up in 1989 in Torino and boasts over 70 local and provincial offices which operate principally thanks to the almost 2,000 volunteers, most of them young. It offers services for the disabled and migrants but is especially aimed at elderly  people living alone. It therefore organises  homecare, someone to talk to on the telephone, solidarity transport, meals on wheels, medicines and shopping delivered to their homes. One of the most used and best known projects is the Solidarity Pony Project for the elderly and “Nonni Civici”, operating in the field of environmental education to strengthen social cohesion and inclusion.

Auser Piemonte is supported annually by the Compagnia di San Paolo. Since 2006 over € 2.5 million has been granted.

Intervention Area: Innovazione culturale


2.500.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo
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