Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo

The University of Torino for inmates

via Pianezza 300 - Torino

The University of Torino for inmates at the Lorusso e Cutugno Detention Centre, via Pianezza 300- Torino

This initiative uses the University’s commitment in guaranteeing what is to all effects a structured  “education offering”, ie organising a series of lessons and seminars similar to the ones teachers offer students at university.

Approximately 400 teachers have volunteered their services free of charge. The “Arcobaleno” section of the prison has 27 places for inmates / students spread over 9 cells with several places, open all day. The cells face a central area housing computer work stations. There is also a classroom for lessons and two classrooms for interviews and exams, plus one with two more computers. A small library has been set up over the years.

The Compagnia di San Paolo has granted approximately € 300,000 since 1988, making it possible to pay for enrolment fees and the first instalment of the tuition, textbooks, teaching materials and computer equipment. The grant also covers expenses of  a collaboration agreement for the tutoring of students  and carrying out all of the registrar’s procedures, didactics,  transfers etc.

Since 2014 the grants have been stipulated in the general Agreement between the Foundation and the University.

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo
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