Church of the Holy Shroud: restoration

Church of the Holy Shroud: restoration

The church of via Piave 14 (Turin) reopens to the public, the appointment is for January 11th  at 12.00 for the press and at 5.00pm for the public.

Friday 11th  January at 12pm the newly restored frescoes of the Church of the Holy Shroud are presented.

The church of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Shroud in via Piave 14 in Turin is a building of essential importance in the history of past and present devotion to the Holy Shroud. The vault of the church, whose restoration was supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, presents an imposing architectural quadrature by the Venetian Pietro Alzeri, with a complex representation at its centre of the Transfiguration of Christ by the famous Piedmontese painter Michele Antonio Milocco: architectures adorned with phytomorphic elements, angels, putti in  grisaille and busts placed in illusionistic niches animate the decoration. Near the triumphal arch that separates the nave from the presbytery are the symbols of Christ’s Passion and the veil of Veronica, supported by two angels in a blanket of clouds.

The Church opens to the public at 5pm and at 9 pm there is a concert of Baroque music, organised by the instrumental Camerata of San Pancrazio, directed by maestro Bruno Bergamini.

Laura Fornara is attending the presentation of the works on behalf of Compagnia di San Paolo.

The Church of the Holy Shroud is part of the Sacred Buildings project of Compagnia di San Paolo (

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