In Lima, the Po river and Turin's hill park receives Unesco's "Biosphere reserve"acknowledgement with its wider discrict's mark CollinaPo


Upon closing the fourth edition of the MAB (Man and Biosphere) World Congress for the “Man and Biosphere” Reserves, the International Co-ordinating Council of the “Man and Biosphere” Programme has favorably welcomed the proposal to nominate the territory and the Protected Areas of “CollinaPo” as the new Italian Biosphere Reserve, within the framework of the MAB Unesco programme. As of today, a large portion of Turin’s eastern metropolitan area (over 1700 square km) is a Biosphere Reserve and will further undertake not only to maintain the requested standards but also to implement them (every ten years, UNESCO requests an audit Report). The award at the Lima Convention Center was given in the presence of Unesco Bodies ICC-MAB, a small delegation of the Region’s entity that manages the Parco del Po e Collina Torinese (The Po River and Turin’s Hill Park), SiTI Institute (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation), and the City of Turin, that paid close attention to the works in the days prior to the award in Peru.


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