Take part in "EFFETTO BAROCCO”, the project that tells the story of out territory

"Effetto Barocco"

Compagnia’s integrated communication project bringing ample visibility and promoting initiatives to valorise Baroque art. 

Over the last few years Compagnia di San Paolo has been committed to Baroque culture through coordinated actions and instruments culminating in next spring’s great exhibition at  Reggia di Venaria Reale (12/3/2020-14/6/2020), a peak moment making 2020 “Year of Baroque” in Piedmont.

To increase the overall, "Baroque effect" and make it highly attractive Compagnia is setting up an integrated communication project to increase visibility and promote together as a circuit the cultural initiatives autonomously carried out by local organisations, to valorise Baroque heritage.

Compagnia offers these organisations the opportunity to take part in the communication project “Effetto Barocco”,  inviting them to report initiatives regarding Baroque art to be carried out by them in the Turin area in the first half of 2020. 

The aim of “Effetto Barocco” is to highlight for residents and tourists an articulated and homogeneous cognitive journey of the metropolitan area – goods, events, concerts, itineraries, valorisation of collections and much more – through integrated and advanced communication tools to increase attention and interest.

“Effetto Barocco”, dedicated to the metropolitan area of Turin, is carried out together with the promotional activity coordinated by Piedmont Region for “2020 Anno del Barocco” on the whole regional territory.

Please note that “Effetto Barocco” does not cover contributions to external initiatives but only Compagnia’s achievement of communication tools and actions specifically to promote themed circuits linking Baroque events that local organisations will set up as part of their  autonomous cultural programme.

Tell us about your project regarding Baroque art in the metropolitan area of Turin.

Fill in the on-line form (attached) and send it by 16 December to: effettobarocco@compagniadisanpaolo.it.

Compagnia reserves the right to contact you to evaluate whether to include the initiative reported in “Effetto Barocco”.