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Programme Guidelines for 2019.

Torino, 30th January 2019 – Today Francesco Profumo, Chair of Compagnia di San Paolo, presented the Programme Guidelines for 2019 with the Secretary-General Alberto Anfossi.

“When we presented the four-year strategic plan in January 2017, we launched the idea of a foundation that could turn into a hub of knowledge and skills, with blended financial leverage such as grants, equity, convertible loans and guarantee funds.” Said Francesco Profumo – “We’re halfway there today and have become an open platform that can create “environmental” conditions to make this territory attractive and compelling and create new confidence in Turin. Future plural. 365 days of ideas, projects and people is about how we go about every day trying to develop the skills needed to face our challenges. This springs from the synergy of an articulated system with Compagnia at its centre. We work alongside our statutory instrumental bodies, participated research bodies and our participated profit organisations: together we give life to what I call philanthropy of ideas".

"The Foundation's assets today amount to €6.5 billion; if the stake in Intesa Sanpaolo guarantees, as in recent years, an important dividend, the rest of the portfolio is diversified, to represent both a further source of resources and a complement in terms of risk "- said Alberto Anfossi, General Secretary of Compagnia - "Slightly less than a third of the diversified portfolio is represented by alternative assets. These include a private equity programme, ie: targeted investments in company capital, subsequently in real economy, which started more than 10 years ago and which is producing very important returns in terms of yield and distribution. " The Secretary General continued - "The breakdown of the budget between our 5 operational departments was designed to ensure on the one hand the continuity of actions started and historically supported, on the other to increase room for new plans. We think that 2019 may be the year in which new lines will be studied, examined thoroughly and possible launched. It is about Wellbeing (sport, health, active aging, prevention), Environment and Sustainable Development, Science in Society.

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