Mediterranean. The new website of “NEW MED” is online

Mediterranean. The new website of “NEW MED” is online

Information, initiatives and opportunities for cooperation on the new website.

The Mediterranean is the region where some of the biggest security and stability crises are concentrated. But it is also an area with a rich heritage of common history and culture, offering extraordinary opportunities for cooperation and development yet to be explored and which must be enhanced .

As part as the International Affairs Programme  of Compagnia di San Paolo, New Med is a network of researchers and analysts  who carry out policy-oriented studies on security challenges in the Mediterranean. The focal point of the activities carried out by this network of multilateral research, which includes researchers from various European countries  and the south bank of the Mediterranean, is the need to rethink the role of multilateral and regional organisations. The goal is to make them more suited to meeting the rapid political, economic and security transformations in the region, as well as the needs of populations on the Mediterranean coast.

New Med aims to strengthen  the academic and policy oriented debate on the security dynamics in the Mediterranean region  through a blend of research and communication. The New Med network - made up of Compagnia, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, OCSE, the Institute for international Affairs and the German Marshall Fund of the United States – now has a new website full of information, a list of initiatives being promoted and cooperation opportunities available. Happy surfing!