MinD - Mad in Design: open call

MinD - Mad in Design: open call

The deadline for submitting applications is 9th  February at 12 noon.

MinD - Mad in Design was founded in 2014 by architects Giulia Mezzalama and Sandra Poletto and the psychologist Elena Varini. The project covers culture, training, work and social inclusion and is divided into a series of workshops and other collateral events so as to experience an inclusive and multidisciplinary approach to designing places that cope with mental illness.

The project is promoted by Camplus, an international network of university colleges of merit, with Blu Acqua, a company active in the field of psychiatric residences, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and the collaboration of universities, institutions and companies.

MinD is an interdisciplinary workshop for university students and  individuals undergoing mental  health care. The 2019 edition will take place in Turin from 7th  to 11th  March, inside the University College of Merit Camplus Lingotto. It features multiple work teams formed by students and psychiatric patients, led by professional designers and supported by professional educators .

MinD works in response to situations of discomfort in psychiatric residencies proposing a working method that acts on two aspects of design: on the one hand using design as a tool for qualitative transformation, on the other the creative process as a system of relationships that translate into practices of social inclusion. Starting from a given scenario in a context of social inclusion, the aim of the work teams will be to study new proposals for a socially inclusive housing by relating directly with a part of the marginalised society with a view to mutual exchange and listening.

Students in the areas of Design, Architecture, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Educational Sciences, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technicians, Intercultural Communication (and related subjects) can take part in the call for applications.

The selection of candidates is by the MinD Scientific Committee. Participants will receive scholarships covering all training activities, teaching materials and accommodation costs for those residing outside Turin.

Priority goes to students who have already had training experience in the areas of reference (Design for All, Social Design, Psychiatric Rehabilitation ...) and / or who have specific interests in the topic and to users with skills and artistic and creative interest, good dexterity, strong motivation, current or previous participation in creative workshops, team skills, logistically autonomous.

The deadline for submitting applications is 9th  February at 12 noon.