The MOI initiative “Migrants: an Opportunity for Inclusion”

05/07/2017 - Press release

Census and job placements so far

The first census dated 12th June 2017 estimates that about 750 people live at MOI, of which 40 are women. Census data is still being processed and will be cross-checked against further data from voluntary mapping, to be followed by “punctual” passages for further definition.

The MOI initiative “Migrants: an Opportunity for Inclusion” stems from a cross-institutional agreement between the Municipality of Turin, the Prefecture, Compagnia di San Paolo, the Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont Region and the Diocese of Turin, to address the living and work emergency of the inhabitants of occupied buildings so that they can be gradually repossessed and to verify their potential use for urban and social regeneration, by defining shared paths in terms of people involved and actions taken.

Voluntary mapping began in April 2017 at “Spazio MOI”, where the project team works, and is ongoing: those who live in the buildings can make an appointment for a private interview with one or more members of the project team, during which they answer questions on personal data and information about housing and work needs and interests.

On 12th June the first census was carried out to integrate voluntary mapping data, have more accurate figures ​​on the number of people living at MOI and inform all the inhabitants of the objectives of the project. The project team, along with some officials of the Immigration Office of the City of Turin and the Prefecture, went from home to home in the buildings and basements to deliver a letter signed by the Mayor listing commitments and goals of the project to each person.

The census was voluntary.

Census data are still being processed and will be crossed-checked against data from the voluntary mapping process.

Training courses are currently being held, after which participants will be placed in employment. In particular:

-For 43 people: temporary work contracts for 4 months (with possible renewal for a further 12 months) in the shipbuilding industry as welders, electricians or industrial plumbers at shipbuilding sites in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia from 22nd August 2017.

- For 11 people: temporary work contracts for 8 months (2 training and 6 working) or 17 months (5 training and 12 working) as assistant cooks in the metropolitan area of Turin.

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