The housing programme in its tenth year

The housing programme in its tenth year

Two days of anniversary celebrations for a project that for ten years has been meeting the housing demands of people who are in a vulnerable situation.

Compagnia di San Paolo’s Housing Programme was set up in November 2006 to offer innovative projects to the housing demand of those who find themselves in temporary social and economic vulnerability, and so contribute to the definition of a new housing culture.

To celebrate 10 years of projects, activities and experiments on 1st December from 6.30pm the headquarters of projects that Compagnia di San Paolo has helped create will open to the public. Four locations (Luoghi Comuni - Porta Palazzo, Luoghi Comuni - San Salvario, StessoPiano and Coabitazioni Giovanili Solidali)) and four initiatives for a traveling event with performances, music and dj set for an evening party.

On 2nd December at 10.00 "The Housing Programme of Compagnia di San Paolo presents the results of 10 years of business and its future prospects" in a panel discussion moderated by Luca Mercalli.