Winter drawns near: three artists for LuoghiComuni

Winter drawns near: three artists for LuoghiComuni

The last exhibition of the festival "Le4Stagioni" for LuoghiComuni.

Tuesday 13th December at 6:30 sees the opening of the last exhibition of the festival Le4Stagioni for LuoghiComuni, the residence in the heart of San Salvario at Turin (Via S. Pio V, 11) which belongs to the social housing project promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Curated by Marisa Coppiano, this new appointment features works by Anna Maria Colace, Tiziana Menegazzo and Alice Reina.

Alice Reina (Pinerolo 1985) is an architect and ceramist. The white ceramics done on the turning wheel give rise to very thin, "soft" works, evoking an abstract organic and dreamlike world.

Tiziana Menegazzo after studying art, graduated in literature and now teaches painting techniques in arts high schools. A lifelong interest in storytelling of an evocative / symbolic kind, she combines various registers and linguistic codes. Photography, collages and texts, blend with informal matter painting, creating a complex and detailed visual telos.

Anna Maria Colace lives and works in Turin. She uses digital cameras for her shots, which are taken quickly and just as quickly re-elaborated. The images are superimposed to draw viewers into the dream-like and surreal visions that mark her work.

1. Alice Reina

2.Tiziana Menegazzo


3. Anna Maria Colace


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