The programme


Compagnia di San Paolo has carried on its commitment to promote housing and social coexistence over the last twelve years with a total investment of over €33 million in grants and € 30 million in asset resources. Many initiatives are planned in collaboration with public and private bodies.

Set up in 2006 and developed by the Social Policies Department of ​​Compagnia di San Paolo by involving a staff of consultants and professionals, the Housing Programme has always been active in Piedmont and, as of 2016, in Liguria too. In all its lines of activity, priority is given to people who are not in a position to access the private rental market despite a certain income capacity; for example, single-parent families, people leaving social care, the elderly, young people, etc.

The Programme is a commitment with a highly innovative and experimental value, in close contact with a network of public and private entities that act as partners in the area. The objective, as ambitious as it is necessary, is to create new models of social housing and to spread a "culture of housing" that really meets the needs imposed by current situations.

Many initiatives are planned in collaboration with public and private bodies.

Initiatives such as restoring the two temporary residences of Porta Palazzo and San Salvario are part of the "Luoghi Comuni" project. The name underlines at least two key concepts, "openness" and "sharing", which underlie the entire housing programme that Compagnia di San Paolo carries out in response to a housing disadvantage that has increased along with the crisis and more in general to social changes.

Other initiatives also fall within the framework of the Housing Programme: StessoPiano project, aimed at promoting youth cohabitation by helping to match housing supply and demand for students and young workers; the condominio solidale of via Romolo Gessi, also known as La Casa di Zia Jessy, which since 2008 has been committed to helping the elderly and women or mothers leaving social care live together; the project Casa delle Opportunità, a result of the collaboration between Compagnia itself and its various projects (Nomis, Logos, Housing Programme) and institutions, which helps young foreigners with criminal records find housing autonomy in accommodation confiscated from the mafia and now owned by the Ministry of Justice; projects that provide forms of "restitution" such as those of Coabitazione Giovanile Solidale aimed at a young people who do hours of voluntary work to improve relations between tenants, offer care and support to the vulnerable and look after the basic maintenance of the common parts in exchange for rent-controlled flats in ATC council buildings.

The challenge now is to try to set up new models of social housing directly through timely interventions on specific properties, as well as by establishing models to spread the social housing offer that can intensify the vitality and efficiency of the rental housing market.

Compagnia, however, not only puts a large part of its grants into play; it also invests a sizeable bulk of its own assets (€ 30 million) into two ethically-performing funds  (FASP - Fondo Abitare Sostenibile Piemonte and FHSL - Fondo Housing Sociale Liguria) to build housing in Piedmont and Liguria to be leased at rent-controlled prices to persons and households  with limited income capacity.

An across-the-board task that involves professionals and beneficiaries and that does not end with the Programme’s experiments: in fact, in its desire to contribute to the development of a new housing culture and coordinate with external entities,  Compagnia di San Paolo is open to other organisations that present projects compatible with the aims of the Programme itself, offering them financial contributions, as well as the advice and monitoring of its operational team.

To date, 158 projects have been supported  amounting to over €12 million.

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