The programme


For the last ten years and with a total investment amounting to approximately €29 million in grants and 30 million in capital resources, Compagnia di San Paolo continues its commitment to promote housing and social coexistence. Many initiatives are planned in collaboration with public and private bodies.

Initiatives such as refurbishing the two temporary residences at Porta Palazzo and San Salvario are part of the experimental project “Luoghi Comuni” (Common Places). The name emphasizes at least two key concepts, "openness" and "sharing", which are the basis of the entire housing programme that Compagnia di San Paolo has been leading since 2006, in response to housing problems growing along with the crisis.

Developed by Compagnia di San Paolo’s Social Policies Department through the involvement of a team of consultants and professionals, the Housing Programme has always operated in Piedmont and since 2016 in the Metropolitan City of Genoa as well. In all its areas of activity its priority target is people who cannot access the private renting market, despite having a certain income; such as single parent families, people coming out of care, the elderly and the young, etc.

The Programme represents a highly innovative and experimental commitment, closely linked to a network of public and private entities acting as local partners. The ambitious but necessary goal is to create new social housing models and a " living culture " that actually responds to today’s needs.

Compagnia however, not only allocates a large proportion of its grants, it also invests a large part of its own assets (€ 30 million) in two ethical yield funds (FASP - Fondo Abitare Sostenibile Piemonte and FHSL - Fondo Housing Sociale Liguria) to build houses in Piedmont and Liguria to be leased at rent-controlled prices to low-income people and households.

There are even more initiatives in Compagnia’s Housing Programme: the StessoPiano project, aimed at encouraging young people’s cohabitation by helping match housing supply and demand for students and young workers; the cohousing in Via Romolo Gessi, also known as La casa di zia Jessy, committed since 2008 to supporting shared accommodation between elderly people and women or mothers coming out of care; the project Casa delle Opportunità, a collaboration between Compagnia itself and its different projects (Nomis, Logos, Housing Programme) and institutions, which help young foreigners with a criminal record to achieve housing autonomy in properties seized from the mafia and now owned by the Ministry of Justice; projects including forms of "restitution" such as Coabitazione Giovanile Solidale aimed at young people who, in exchange for rent-controlled flats in PHA buildings, work as volunteers to improve relations between the tenants, offer support and help to the vulnerable and take care of the upkeep in the common areas.

An across-the-board work involving professionals and beneficiaries and going beyond the Programme’s experiments: in its aim to contribute to the development of a new housing culture and coordinate with external organisations Compagnia di San Paolo is open to receiving projects from other entities matching the objectives of the Programme itself, offering them economic contributions, consultancy and monitoring of its operational team.

To date, 123 projects have been supported amounting to almost € 9 million.

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