Towards EC Defence

After setting up a project to reform Common Security and Defense policy in December 2013,  Centro Studi sul Federalismo (Study Centre on Federalism) traces the re-definition of cooperation between European countries via web platform holding all institutional documents, scientific production and other multimedia documents.

Governing Europe

The  project undertaken by IAI and Turin’s Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF) aims to analyse the current structure of  EU governance/government in its various political areas and related themes: supranationalism and  intergovernamentalism; representation and democracy; the challenging issue of differentiated integration;  economic governance; Europa in the world. The project will also tackle possible developments in  European governance mechanisms, putting forward mid to long term political and institutional proposals aimed mainly at improving  the democratic nature of the system and the effectiveness of decision-making procedures. Contributions from national and international experts will be published in a series of essays edited by the IAI and CSF, available of the institutes’ websites. The results of the project will be presented during a seminary in Rome and in an international conference in Brussel in 2015

The future of European economy

Series of conferences that contribute to the debate on the impact of the economic crisis and new European economic governance tools, particularly their effect on the European integration process. The themes discussed include: the impact of the crisis on the European integration process; new European governance tools and institutional procedures ; the future of the euro; the transformation of the European welfare system; how to manage sovereign debt; growth strategies; economic relations with the USA and emerging areas.