Foreign Policy


European Foreign Policy Scorecard

The scorecard created by EFCR with the Compagnia di San Paolo’s support provides systematic evaluation of results of European Foreign Policy, analysing the performance of the 28 member states and EU institutions to 65 political areas centred on six main areas: Russia; United States; Wider Europe; Middle East and North Africa; Asia and China; Multilateral Issues.

Report on Italian foreign policy      

IAI In 2014 IAI wrote an extensive report on Italy’s presence and interests in the international scene, the state of the art and the strategic priorities in Italian foreign policy. The report was presented during a public conference in Rome on 16th April 2014.                                     

AffarInternazionali is an on-line magazine dealing with politics, strategy and international economy created by the Institute for Foreign Affairs (IAI), a study centre based in Italy but strongly projected towards Europe and active since 1965. Its main research areas are European integration, transatlantic relationships, security and defence policy, international economy and the Mediterranean.