The Programme


Co-designed and supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, City of Turin and the Piedmont Region, Polo del ‘900 is a cultural centre open to the public and aimed primarily at younger generations and new citizens. It arises from a double challenge: to develop a dynamic, pluralistic and open to the public cultural centre, and ensure the sustainability of Fondazione Polo del ‘900, whose 19 current cultural partners will have the task of carrying the 20th century into the contemporary world.

Indeed, Turin has a number of high-quality cultural realities that deal with studies and research on our recent past. After World War II, they have played a key role in rebuilding the cultural fabric, aggregating intellectual forces, committing and planning during a crucial stage of the Republic. Today, in the changed context of resources, consumption and policies, we need to think deeply about how to work and dialogue with civil society - especially young people and new citizens on the themes of memory, democracy, citizenship, to overcome mere memory and exclusive dialogue with small groups of scholars and enthusiasts.

We therefore outline not just mere cohabitation, but spatial and functional integration, starting from the documents heritage owned by each entity, of insufficient critical mass, and leading to the establishment of a systemized hub for the spread of democracy and citizenship issues and for the protection, preservation and digitisation of archives and libraries.

The effort for connection and integration between entities, facilitated and led by a planning team consisting of the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region and the Compagnia di San Paolo, aims to harmonise the services and activities respecting the specificity of each institute, resulting in an innovative and sustainable cultural and management model unlike any other in Italy and among the first in Europe.

The cultural centre Polo del '900 was inaugurated on 22nd April 2016.


Palazzo San Celso, Palazzo San Daniele Quartieri Militari, Corso Valdocco corner with via Del Carmine – Turin

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